The 15 falls selected for WC15 are Greeter Falls, Boardtree Falls, Laurel Falls, Ranger Creek Falls, Horsepound Falls, Suter Falls, Savage Falls, School Branch Falls, Hanes Hole Falls, Blue Hole Falls, Black Canyon Cascade, Sycamore Falls, Yellow Pine Cascade, Anderson Falls and Foster Falls.
The Friends of South Cumberland State Recreation Area, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit public benefit corporation.
The mission of the Friends of SCSRA is to support the Park, preserve and protect it, and to serve as a mechanism to reach out to individuals to become involved.
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South Cumberland Waterfalls Video by Rick Dreves
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Friends of South Cumberland
2015 Friends of South Cumberland State Recreation Area, Inc. - info@friendsofscsra.org - P.O. Box 816, Sewanee, TN 37375
Dr. Wallace Bigbee and Ty Burnette receive the Jim Prince Award at the FSC Annual Meeting and Picnic on June 20, 2015 (more photos coming soon)
FSC Meetup Nears 200 Members
If you don't know about "Meetup," you may be surprised to learn that the FSC has an active one with 198 members! Meetup are free online groups targeted to special interests, such as hiking. Hikers from dozens of cities have joined our Meetup in order to receive regular info about upcoming hikes and events in the park. We are pleased to have such a strong and growing group of hikers who want to be involved with the South Cumberland.
To join the FSC Meetup or view the membership: http://www.meetup.com/ Friends-of-South-Cumbe rland-State-Park-Hikes/